We've gone and got ourselves a shop.....

Those of you who follow our Instagram feed will see that there are exciting times ahead for us and we are about to open our very own bricks and mortar shop in Harborne.

The concept of Hedgerow Stories is a lifestyle store with a florist within it - where provenance is important and everything we choose to sell has its own unique back story.  Ostensibly it is made up of things that we love.  I (Rachel) adore flowers, interiors and beautiful objects and Birmingham has such a creative energy at the moment that it feels ready for something a little different.  Along with our flowers and artwork we've hand-picked a collection of the things we love to own and give as gifts - scents, textiles, ceramics, skincare, stationery, homewares and giftware.  Some of our brands are local to Harborne and the Midlands, such as Honest skincare and house coats from local designhouse, Chalk, whilst others hail from further afield including exquisite stationery from Japan, ceramics from East London, the coolest kites from New York, lighting and furniture from Denmark and the all natural anti-ageing skin supplement Lumity that Helena Christensen swears by.

We've got a great team of people helping us with the fit out and I've been able to twist loads of arms for so we can get in before Christmas.  Such an exciting adventure



So I did a kokedama drop* at the beautiful Honest Skincare last week. They are now suspended amongst the perfectly curated artefacts, deliciously scented candles and heavenly lotions and potions, and dare I say it, do not look out of place.  I still can't quite believe that this fair city has a store so lovely - two in fact.  But it does.  I won't witter on about it but if you haven't been go - and if you have, go again.

Kokedama is an ancient Japanese form of bonsai - in modern times these small plants with their root balls suspended in a special clay based soil (akadama) and sphagnum moss add an modern twist to a room and make up beautiful string gardens in the nooks of Japanese homes.  Couple their beautiful aesthetic with the air filtering / cleansing and reoxygenating properties of house plants it all a win win.  I've got ivy hanging all over the place to soak up the chemicals of modern life, formaldehyde et al.  There is a peace lily in the bathrooms and ferns too to dehumidify and freshen the air.  House plants add colour, texture and depth to interiors and are vital for a healthy home.  

I stumbled across kokedama a few years ago, and instantly fell in love with them.  According to Stylist magazine they are on their hit list of whats hip this week.  Saying that, whatever the Stylist magazine says, I'm feeling that Birmingham may not be quite ready for kokedama.  Birmingham, the city of a thousand champagne bars - perceptions is that we seem to love nothing more than a high stool and some fizz, be it on a shopping mall concourse or the airport departures lounge.  Anyway, I've digressed, kokedama are great, I make them, sell them and can make them to order.  I can also teach you how. I'm sure Birmingham will see the light soon....

(controversial use of the word drop there....)


 Stirchley bucking the nafferoo champagne trend, coffee, great grub and kokedama at Caneat /Isherwood & Co.

Stirchley bucking the nafferoo champagne trend, coffee, great grub and kokedama at Caneat /Isherwood & Co.

 as featured in the Stylist 

as featured in the Stylist 

 and here they are, my little preciouses just hanging around in the gorgeous honest shop...see, totally lovely...

and here they are, my little preciouses just hanging around in the gorgeous honest shop...see, totally lovely...

And we are off......

Day two of me having a proper website.  I hope you like it - I am wide eyed amazed, it absolutely will change once I work out stuff and find grammatical nonsense amongst the copy, but it's here and working.

I'm currently plucking up the courage to ask the local owners of amazing hydrangea bushes in their front gardens permission to remove some blooms.  I've got a lot already  but with Christmas coming up you can never have enough!  What do you think - is that a step too far, so unbritish its practically American!  I will ask obviously - and look like a loon, but I don't care, I want those hydrangea heads so bad!

So I hear its only 100 days to Christmas....such larks Pip, such larks...

So there you have it - short and sweet, more a test than anything. till next time rx